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Choose your Program

Kiki's Gymnastics uses a skill-based progression, which closely adheres to USAG standards, by having all of our students work off of specifically designed skill cards for each program. The skill cards give gymnasts a strong foundation of basics before they move on to higher levels. We believe it is imperative to develop our gymnasts in a safe and structured environment in order to be successful at higher levels. Our skill development includes progressions on each event and trampoline, plus flexibility and strength training activites. We use the skill cards as a base to determine when your child is ready to advance.

Looking for more hands on instruction? Or just want to be with one teacher instead of in a big group? We offer individual lessons where it is just YOU and the coach! While no masks are required, coaches will always wear one if requested. Call us at 517-668-0805 for availability!

Our Preschool Gymnastics is for ages 18 months to 4 years.

This Program is a combination of basic gymnastics skills, mixed in with games, themes, music and obstacle courses.
Your son or daughter will improve their loco-motor skills such as hopping, skipping, and crawling, as well as start to build friendships and develop social awareness skills like sharing, listening and taking turns. All skills they will need when they begin school.

All 1 Hour

Beginning Gymnastics starts at 5 years of age and up

​​The Beginner classes gives our gymnasts the basic building blocks of gymnastics: such as cartwheels, handstand and backbends. It includes all the events; vault, bars, beam and floor. They also utilize the trampoline and tumbletrac to learn the skills safely first. They develop relationships with their gymnastics friends, while coaches help them build lifetime skills like listening, goal setting and being supportive to our friends.

All 1.5 Hour

The Ninja Program is for boys 3 years old and up

This is an "American Ninja Warrior" style class that utilizes obstacle courses as a mode of learning. It teaches all the skills of a "ninja" such as focus, flexibility, strength, agility and teamwork. Within this structure, we also teach gymnastics skills such as rolls, cartwheels, handsprings and flips. Currently, it is only offered to boys.
Power Ninja 3-4: 1 Hour
Ninja Stars 5-6: 1 Hour
Ninja Warrior 7 and up: 1.5 Hours

Tumbling 7 and up co-ed

Focus is on individual gymnastics skill which are used in dance and cheerleading or for those who prefer to stick with tumbling only. Cartwheels, walkovers, back handsprings, back tucks, and aerials are taught through a progressive system that has everyone working at their own pace.
-Beginner: Basic Tumbling. Learning tumbling skills including cartwheels, round off, back bends and kickover
-Intermediate: Learning Back walkover & Front and Back handsprings
-Advanced: Learning Round off Backhandspring, Back tuck, Aerial and more advanced skills

7-18 years: 1 Hour

Level 1 and 2 Recreational ​Girls only

Gymnasts who attend at this level have mastered the basic skills on all the gymnastics event and enjoy gymnastics and learning new skills. They may not be interested in being a competitive gymnast, they are learning the level 1 competitive skills. You see them in yards and on playgrounds practicing their skills daily. You must be evaluated to join level 1 or 2.
By skill level: 1.5 Hours

​​Competitive Gymnastics

For the gymnast who has mastered the beginner skills and wants to show them off. Level one competitive takes the skills they learned in their beginner classes and applies them to routines, which they perform at gymnastics meets, where they receive fun meet ribbons. The more skills they learn, the higher their level. They can join these classes as early as 5 years old.


Xcel is our top level program for serious gymnasts who love to work hard to achieve their goals and are up for competition to see how their efforts stack up with gymnasts from other gymnastics clubs.